Top 10 films of 2010

There are plenty of films from 2010 I haven’t seen yet: King’s Speech, 127 hours, The Illusionist, Another Year, etc. Some because they don’t actually come out till this year (Incendies and its April release date). So here is my unoriginal top 10 films i did see, followed by a few words that provide little insight as to why they are my favorites and often have nothing to do with the film at all.


At times disturbing, at other times hilarious. This film just confirms my beliefs that all Greek people are fucked up and weird.


I’m not too old to love this movie. But as the police officer explained to me, I am too old to go to the theater alone and offer the children sitting next to me candy.


The Town got a lot of love when it came out. However this is the crime drama everyone should have been talking about.


I’ll just reiterate what every single write up of this movie has said. Whether its real or fake it doesn’t matter. The film questions your views of what art is and who are the people making it. Plus it’s pretty damn funny.


Obligatory sundance/indie pick. Wait Giftshop was a hit at sundance too? Eh screw it. I already got a picture.


To repeat what I said when I left the theater “hooray for talented child actors”. Now I’m the first person to complain about remakes, but this is a damn good film and it surpasses the original in just about every way.


I read that the director originally wanted the soundtrack to be nothing but Feelies songs. That would have been awesome. But sadly they didn’t want to be associated with terrorism. Now there is only one song at the beginning where Carlos isn’t doing anything terroristy. This ranking is based off the 5 1/2 hour version. I have not seen the shorter 140 min cut.


When he most likely wins his oscar for this film, I Imagine David Fincher pretending it was for Zodiac.


Just a warning this movie could leave you an emotional wreck. Not me though. Not because I’m so manly or tough. But because I’ve been told robots show more emotion than I do. But to be fair, did you see Wall E? How am I suppose to compete with that.


I really wasn’t expecting this to have TWO funny masturbation scenes. Best film of the year!